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IAD (International Architecture Development) is one of the emerging players of the new European architecture scene.

The studio led by French architects Cottrell & Michelangeli, have of late been the recipients of various awards for its architecture based on ergonomics, functionality and contextuality. Among these are the “40 under 40” (2008) award by of the European Center for Architecture & Urban Studies, the International Architecture Awards 2009 by the Chicago Athenaeum, finalists at the WAN Awards 2009, speakers at the City and the World “Architecture Symposium in Florence and, even more recently, the MIPIM AR Future Awards in 2010. This accurate Architecture laboratory is a diverse team, composed of young and outstanding multicultural professionals dedicated almost exclusively to large scale projects in Spain and internationally such as the Madrid Design Center, the 7th of April University Campus in Tripoli, 2 airport terminals out of the Schengen area and several mixed-use complexes around the world. Client profiles range from direct private corporations to large public and private institutions from all over the world.

IAD’s vision is to investigate and deliver custom-made work, using their expertise and control of large scale projects to create a balance between the rationality and ergonomics of public space. Its architectural vocabulary, based on the quest for architectural excellence, overall quality and maturity of the finished building has allowed for the development of projects already built or in process. Designing public and urban spaces is always full of complexity and specificity. IAD uses detailed projects – whether sophisticated and complex or more modest – to define technical and aesthetic solutions and apply them as design standards in larger ones. IAD’s background throughout these years is an active value that needs to be cared for, maintained and enjoyed.

2010 WAN 2010 Educational Awards/ Project 7th of April University Campus_  Longlisted 
2010 MIPIM Future Projects Awards/ Project The Frame _  Highly Commended
2009 WAN 2010 International Architecture Awards/ Project The Frame_  Shortlisted
2009 Tripoli/ ODAC restricted competition_  Winner
2008 EUROPE 40 / 40 Emergent Architects / “European Centre of Architecture & Design”_  Award Winners
2008 Madrid Design Centre Competition / Madrid_Spain_   Shortlisted / 1º prize
2008 Al Daicel Mixed-Use Building Competition / Doha_Qatar_   Shortlisted
2008 Al Mana Headquarters Building Competition / Doha_Qatar_   Shortlisted
2008 Hellin Sports and Cultural Community Centre Competition / Albacete_Spain_  2º prize
2008 Music Box Concert Hall competition / Madrid_Spain_  1º prize
2008 Dubai VillaModa High-Rise Hotel Competition / UAE_   Shortlisted / 2º prize
2008 22@ Coperfil HQ Entrance Competition / Barcelona_Spain_   1º prize
2007 Reus Auditorium Competition / Reus_Spain _   Shortlisted / 2º prize
2007 LMII Business Park Competition_  Shortlisted / 1º prize
2007 Motorcity Communication & Signal Tower / Alcaniz_Spain_  1º prize
2007 United High-Rise Hotel Competition / Riyadh_KSA_  Shortlisted
2007 Masterplan Study for the entrance of Toledo / Spain_  Shortlisted
2007 United Office Building Development / Jeddah_KSA_  3º prize
2007 Alcalá de Guadaíra Football Stadium Competition / Sevilla_Spain_  3º prize
2007 Urban Macroblock Competition / Balearic Islands_Spain_  1º prize
2006 United Tower Office Building International Competition / Jeddah_KSA_  1º prize
2006 IBIZA Airport Refurbishment Competition / Balearic Islands_Spain_  1º prize
2004 AECC Best National Shopping Mall Renovation Award / Porto Pi / Mallorca_Spain_  Shortlisted
2004 Service Areas & Restaurants Competition for the BSCH Financial City / Madrid_Spain_  1º prize
2003 LE MERIDIEN Hotel Tower Competition / Forum 2004 / Barcelona_Spain_  1º prize
2001 Miramar Hotel Competition / Barcelona_Spain_  2º prize
2000 AECC Best National Shopping Mall Renovation Award / Gran Turia / Valencia_Spain_  Award Winners
1999 New Oslo Opera House International Competition / Oslo_Norway_  Jury Mention
1997 Takiron International Design Competition / Tokyo_Japan_  Special Mention
1995 BETON National Competition _ An Occupied Bridge for Le Grand Stade_  Jury Mention
1994 CFE National Competition_ Suburban Town Hall_  4º prize
1994 La Ville Europèene Competition _ Survival Module for the Homeless_  1º prize
1993 ZINC Vieille Montagne National Competition _ Social Housing_  2º prize

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